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He Just Wants To Say "Hi"

This explains the difference between an agressive response and an appropriate response to another dog's advance.

Article by internationally recognized dog trainer and behaviorist Suzanne Clothier. It explains how your dog responds to rudeness from other dogs. Is his reaction aggressive? Or is it appropriate?

He Just Wants To Say Hi.pdf

Skunk Odor Removal Recipe

This one works! It's worth printing out and buying the listed ingredients so you always have them on hand in an emergency. If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, it IS an emergency! :)

Remove Skunk Odor Recipe.pdf

Chicken-&-Rice Recipe

A very easy-to-make, bland home-made diet for dogs with a loose stool to help them get back to normal.

Chicken & Rice for Dogs.pdf

Is My Dog Too Fat?

Here’s a great chart from Purina to help you figure out by look and feel what shape your dog is really in.

Is My Dog Too Fat Chart.pdf

Calorie Needs - Guidelines for Adult Dogs

ALL the dog food companies have suggested "guidelines" on the bag somewhere, but they're selling dog food. (Hmmmm.) Here's a chart that will give you a basic calorie level to START with for the average, healthy adult dog. ALL calories count -- add breakfast, dinner and ALL treats in your total.

Each dog is different. YOUR dog may require more or less than the chart recommends. The ONLY way to determine calories needed is to experiment and at the end of a 2-month trial evaluate your dog based on the Body Condition System chart posted above. You want your dog clearly between 4 and 5.

Your dog cannot open the refrigerator by himself. He is totally at your mercy concerning weight control. Extra pounds on dogs are very hard on their joints as they get older. Show your dog your love with more attention, not food.

Dog Calories Needed CHART.pdf

Calories per Cup Chart for Dog Kibble

This handy chart just saves you from doing the math. If your dog has a weight problem, MEASURE his food -- don't guess.

If your dog weighs less than 10 pounds and has a weight problem, buy yourself a scale and weigh out his food instead of using a measuring cup. You'll be far more accurate.

Dog Calories per Cup CHART.pdf

How to Trim Your Dog's Toenails

This article explains in detail how to trim nails. Crystal clear drawings show nail structure in detail.

How to Trim Nail.pdf


This chart offers an introduction in how to determine what your dog is saying in "Dog Language" which is primarily "Body Language".

Doggie Language.pdf

How old is my dog in people-years?

This chart will help you convert dog-years realistically. It also explains about using teeth to judge age.

Translating Dog Years into Human Years.pdf

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