Premium Personal Care

What does Premium Personal Care mean?

      • I keep things small and personal so I can be sure the mood stays pleasant and everyone can enjoy their visit.
          • I take very good care of very few dogs.
      • I invest a lot of time in each and every dog. I get to know your dog and what it takes to make him feel comfortable.
          • Your dog will discover he can truly relax here.
      • I love living with dogs... and they know it.
      • I take plenty of spur-of-the-moment photos of dogs “being dogs” during the day and share them with their owners in personally written emails sent regularly.
      • I share my lap with any visiting dog who craves that kind of attention.

I take the time to do many things with dogs that typical boarding kennels cannot do...

        • I can stop everything -- and just sit for a while with a dog who is worried and needs some extra reassurance and attention.
        • If your dog gets medications, or treats, or needs playtime, or has special needs, it’s all part of what I do here...
            • All day.
            • Every day.
        • I don’t tack on extra charges for giving your dog the daily care he needs.

Dogs who stay here have freedom to choose what they want to do all day long.

        • We interact constantly and they are also free to interact with each other at will.
        • Many choose to simply follow me around and stay close.
        • Others choose to play with new friends when the mood strikes.
        • To some people that might sound like chaos, but around here it’s a friendly, happy and comfortable place.
        • It’s also a quiet place more than 99% of the time.

I do not have another job outside the home. Caring for dogs is how I make my living... ...and I have the best job in the world!