Healthcare Concerns


      • RABIES as required by law

      • “DISTEMPER BOOSTER” (i.e., DHLPPC) as recommended by your vet (or appropriate titer verification)

      • BORDETELLA as recommended by your vet

Proof of current vaccination status is required.


      • I care for quite a few dogs who are older and/or with health problems requiring daily medications -- oral, topical or injectable.

            • I do not charge extra to give your dog whatever care he needs on a daily basis.

      • My only criteria for dogs with health problems is that they pose no risk whatsoever to the other dogs, and that their condition is stable and one I am able to manage on a daily basis by myself.


    • ILLNESS: Any dog who arrives showing obvious signs of illness will NOT be allowed to enter the premises. Symptoms of illness include:

            • Coughing, sneezing, runny nose

            • Listlessness, pale gums, fever, etc

            • Diarrhea or vomiting associated with any of the above

    • If your dog becomes ill before you leave for your trip, CALL YOUR VET and make arrangements to board him in-hospital.

    • Any dog who develops obvious signs of illness or injury while in my care will be taken – solely at my discretion – to my local vet and the owner will be responsible for any and all expenses involved.


      • This is a woodland setting with lots of deer and other wildlife which can carry fleas and ticks. For your dog’s protection PREVENTION is the ONLY practical option.

      • You are expected to administer some form of regular parasite preventative to your dog — as recommended by your vet — either year-round or at minimum from April through November.

            • FLEA & TICK Prevention

            • HEARTWORM Prevention

            • Annual fecal exam to detect intestinal parasites

      • Any dog arriving with fleas and/or ticks will be treated immediately at the owner’s expense for the protection of both my home and the other dogs on site.