Ginny's Difference

How is staying in Ginny's Home different than a Boarding Kennel or a Doggie Day Care Center that offers boarding?

First of all, we have different purposes.

The purpose of a stay with me is so your dog can enjoy a calm and quiet environment as close as possible to the freedom and attention he enjoys living at home.

My goal is to take very good care of very few dogs.

I keep things small and personal.

Typical boarding kennels are usually built with maximum occupancy in mind. They are generally noisy places with a lot of barking and stress.

        • They usually house large numbers of dogs and that means a lot of people coming and going with new dogs being introduced to the mix very frequently.

        • Some dogs can handle boarding kennel environments easily – others can’t.

Typical doggie day care centers work hard to send dogs home tired at the end of the day with play, play, play.

        • There are many ways to achieve that – some good, some not so good.

Your dog has choices here.

Dogs who stay at my house have the freedom to choose what they want to do during the day – within limits, of course. They are not crated or confined in runs. They can follow me around, snooze with a buddy, play with toys and friends, or seek out a quiet room for some down-time.

At Ginny's, your dog has the time and opportunity to make friends.

Typical boarding kennels house dogs in runs, cages or compartments most of the day. Clients may pay extra fees to have a staff member interact with their dogs for pre-arranged “playtime” every day.

          • There’s nothing at all wrong with this and some dogs do very well in a boarding kennel environment.

Typical doggie day care centers usually rely on larger enclosed rooms for groups of similar dogs during the day. Staff members are on hand to encourage and supervise play.

          • When boarding overnight in a day-care center, the dogs are usually confined similarly to boarding kennels. Again, some dogs do just fine in this setting.

Sleeping arrangements at Ginny's depend totally on the dog and how much trust he has earned.

    • During the day dogs snooze wherever they want to -- there are cushy, clean beds all over the house.

    • At night, most boarders are simply confined to a gated room, singly or in compatible pairs.

        • I have many clients with multiple dogs and they get to stay together.

    • Dogs here can move around freely during the night and enjoy their choice of beds.

    • When your dog stays with me he enters a real home.