Rates & Reservations

In-Home Boarding for Dogs Under 25 lbs.


      • $60 - per night, per dog.

      • Special rates available for multiple-dog families and/or stays longer than two weeks.

      • “Day Care” is not offered at all.


      • On ONE-night stays, check-out time is up to 24 hours after arrival.

            • If your dog stays more than 24 hours on a one-night stay, the fee is $90 as this is more-or-less a "2-day" stay.

      • On stays of TWO nights or more, check-out time is up until 8:00 pm.

            • I only charge for nights stayed -- there is no charge for the day they go home regardless of time.

      • No dogs will be released after 8:00 pm.


      • ALL visits are by appointment only.

            • As this is my home, all clients are asked to phone when on their way over to confirm whether they will be on time or are running late for their appointment.

            • Your call allows me to be prepared to meet you in the driveway so you don’t ring my doorbell. This results in minimal barking.


      • Payment is due on arrival. Cash or checks only. Please make checks payable to Ginny Venning.


      • $100 deposit required only for FIRST-TIME clients booking dates more than 14 days in advance for a HOLIDAY period.

            • Deposit is ­non-refundable if you cancel LESS than 14 days in advance.


    • NO extra charge for Holidays.

    • BOOK EARLY -- especially for Holiday periods -- space is limited.

          • Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years.

    • There are no drop-offs or pick-ups on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.