Dog-Friendly Home

What is a Dog-Friendly Home?

      • First and foremost it is spacious and clean.

      • Room to roam

      • Room to play

      • Room to snooze

      • All in an open floor plan that’s airy and full of light and windows.

Ginny's home "feels" good...

      • Dog beds and cushy rugs are fresh & plentiful.

      • Clean appropriate dog toys are offered for dogs who can enjoy them safely.

      • Gated rooms are available for quiet-time if needed.

      • IF your dog feels more comfortable with crated-security for sleeping or meals, I have spacious crates available; however, the whole point of staying here is for your dog to be able to roam free.

          • I prefer to not use crates whenever possible.

          • I also understand that some dogs are not ready for full freedom. Younger dogs may need to be crated at times to (1) learn self-control and (2) to protect my home from destruction.

Dogs have CHOICES here…

        • If they want to play, someone is always willing to be a playmate.

        • If they want to snooze, there is always just the right place to curl up and take a break.

        • If they want to watch for wildlife, there are huge windows in every room.

        • If they want love, they come to me.