Healthcare Concerns

HEALTHCARE CONCERNS                      

Vaccinations Status                                    

    • RABIES as required by law

    • “DISTEMPER BOOSTER” (i.e., DHLPPC) as recommended by your vet (or appropriate titer verification)

    • BORDETELLA as recommended by your vet




Special-Needs Dogs                                     

I care for quite a few dogs who are older and/or with health problems requiring daily medications -- oral, topical or injectable.

I do not charge extra to give your dog whatever care he needs on a daily basis.

My only criteria for dogs with health problems is that they pose no risk whatsoever to the other dogs, and that their condition is stable and one I am able to manage on a daily basis myself.

Parasite Prevention                                    

This is a woodland setting with lots of deer and other wildlife which can carry fleas and ticks.  For your dog’s protection...

    PREVENTION is the ONLY practical option.

You are expected to administer some form of regular parasite preventative to your dog — as recommended by your vet — either year-round or at minimum from April through November.

      • FLEA & TICK Prevention
      • HEARTWORM Prevention
      • Annual fecal exam to detect intestinal parasites

Any dog arriving with fleas and/or ticks will be treated immediately at the owner’s expense for the protection of both my home and the other dogs on site.

General Healthcare                                    

ILLNESS:  Any dog who arrives showing obvious signs of illness will NOT be allowed to enter the premises.  Symptoms of illness include:

      • Coughing, sneezing, runny nose
      • Listlessness, pale gums, fever, etc 
      • Diarrhea or vomiting associated with any of the above

If you’re leaving town and your dog is ill,

you need to contact your VET

about in-hospital boarding.

VETERINARY TREATMENT: Any dog who develops obvious signs of illness or injury while in my care will be taken – solely at my discretion – to my local vet and the owner will be responsible for any and all expenses involved.