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Home Atmosphere

Preserving a Home Atmosphere                      

    • I am not open to the public.  Visits here are by invitation and by appointment only.

As this is my home, all clients are asked to phone when on their way over to confirm whether they will be on time or are running late for their appointment.

Your call allows me to meet you in the driveway so you don’t ring my doorbell.  This results in minimal barking.

  • I do a behavioral evaluation on all new dogs in my home before I can accept your first reservation.  At this meeting you are invited inside to see how things are done here and  we can get to know each other.
When you drop off your dog for boarding, I’ll meet you in my driveway and you will say goodbye to your dog there.  If I bring your dog into my home myself there will be no barking. The household stays relaxed.

  • I do NOT do “day care” at all.  I do everything I can to reduce stress by limiting traffic and visitors.

    • When I introduce new dogs arriving for boarding into the existing group, I always take it slow and easy.  I give the new dog plenty of time to unwind before I allow another visiting dog to meet him up close and personal.  I take extra time to set up the situation to ensure success.

This is why I prefer to schedule at least an hour between dogs arriving here.  I don’t want any dog to feel pressured.

This is why I insist on appointments for 

This is also one of the biggest reasons I don't do
"day care":

Minimal Turnover = Minimal Stress


    • The average stay here is a week or longer resulting in very few disruptions to our calm atmosphere.

    • The minimum stay is one night (which can be up to a full 24-hour period) which gives dogs a chance to relax and enjoy their companions and surroundings.

    • I do everything I can to minimize disturbances from the outside world so that things stay peaceful, quiet and happy on the inside.