As Close As It Gets To Living At Home!

In-Home Boarding for 

Dogs Under 30 Pounds

WELCOME TO GINNY’S                              

This is NOT a kennel.  Far from it!

"Venning & Company" is a play-on-words -- it’s just me taking care of a few friends who happen to be dogs.  I’m Ginny Venning and I love living with dogs.  They know it. 

People who bring their dogs to me will tell you that this is as close as it gets to living at home.

  • I’m not open to the public.
  • This is private.
  • Calm & quiet.
  • Unique.
  • Entry is by invitation only.

When you set foot on the property here you’ll notice a difference right away.  There is virtually no barking.  I work hard to keep my home and acreage as stress-free as possible by minimizing disturbances and disruptive influences.  

  • I keep things on a small scale here.  Up-close & personal.
  • I take very good care of very few dogs.

I screen potential visitors purposefully
to ensure they will fit in well
with the kind of dogs I care for
– companion dogs -
who are well socialized,
and have reasonably good manners.

Dogs who stay with me get to roam freely in my home.  I spend my days surrounded by a flock of friendly companions... 

  • Dogs follow me from room to room as I go about my day.
  • They can nap at will on cushy rugs and beds that are scattered throughout the house.
  • Dogs can choose to play... or not.  Your dog has choices here.
  • There’s always at least one who volunteers to sit on my lap when I read or watch TV.
From a dog’s point of view there is always something to do.  My regular clients call this "Camp Ginny".
  • When I’m walking out in the yard the dogs are busy sniffing things or kicking up their heels with a run as I make my way down to the natural area at the bottom of my property.
  • The seniors in the group generally take a slower pace and mosey around checking out trees and flowers and bushes.
  • We definitely take time to “smell the flowers” here.

Dogs have companions to interact with all day long, zillions of things worth sniffing, and a dog-loving human who gives and receives a lot of attention.

  • Dogs go to bed at night here tired and sleep soundly.

My home is sprawling and spacious and designed with dogs in mind. There’s enough room for indoor play and also plenty of space to go off for a solitary nap if desired.

This is a one-of-a-kind dog-friendly home.   It’s located in a secluded setting heavy with trees and foliage.  My acreage is securely fenced and has a huge grassy yard surrounded by quiet forest.

If you're looking for something special for your dog . . . 
this is it!